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Art of the month - November 2023

Back in the early 2000's, we all had these slam books, and there was this one question: "What do you want to own when you grow up?" I always wrote, "The Mysore Palace." I've been obsessed with its beauty since I was a kid. I wanted to paint something like it, but it's a masterpiece on its own. So, here's a painting inspired by it, especially its vibrant colors.

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Mysore Palace

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Well, hello there, art aficionados! I'm Neantha, the curator of this creative chaos called The Urban Shades. Welcome to my art gallery!

I embarked on my artistic journey by triumphing in school art competitions. After a hiatus of nearly a decade, I returned to the easel, discovering that my artistic touch remained as vibrant as ever. Now, I proudly present my collection of art to the world. While I work as a Business Analyst in a startup based in the suburbs of Chicago.

Although I primarily paint as a hobby, I am thrilled at the prospect of expanding my horizons and undertaking commissioned works. The opportunity to delve deeper into the artistic realm fills me with joy and excitement.

So, my fellow seekers of the extraordinary, venture forth and explore my gallery

Remember, art is not just a masterpiece—it's a punchline waiting to be discovered.

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